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Our Mission

The mission of the Peruvian Educational Project is to provide assistance to Peruvian students of promising academic ability to enable them to obtain a secondary education.

Such education will enable the students to achieve their greatest potential so as to improve their lives and more fully contribute to the advancement of Peruvian society.

How We Use Your Donation

The Peruvian Educational Project (PEP) provides an opportunity for a select number of students (ages 12 to 17 years) to attend high school in the Huaycán district of Lima.

Your donation pays for the students’ school fees, uniforms, field trips, tuition, books and supplies as well as two meals a day, five days a week.


If you have questions regarding your donation, please contact us directly:

Phone: 713-525-3535

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Our History

Dr. Gustavo Wensjoe, a native of Peru, always felt a sense of obligation to give back to his country and to help the people who had contributed to his success. In 2004, while he was working as a professor of International Studies at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas, he decided to act on this sense of responsibility. With the encouragement of Professor Alberto Sotelo, one of his high school professors in Peru, and with the support of a group of close friends, he formed the Peruvian Educational Project (PEP).

Students and parents celebrate at the dedication of the new school.

The goal of this new organization was to help poor students in Peru obtain a good education and graduate from secondary school. Their graduation would provide opportunities for further education in university, the ability break their cycle of poverty, and to contribute to the advancement of their local communities.

Scholarships Established 2005

During 2004, a school, Colegio 1270, San Juan el Bautista, in Huaycán was chosen by Dr. Wensjoe and Professor Alberto Sotelo to be the focus of PEP. Colegio 1270 was in the poorest section of Huaycán, a barrio in the foothills of the mountains just outside of Lima. All of the students live in the poorest of conditions. Professor Sotelo’s friend in Huaycán, Professor Esaquiel Astete agreed to be the local coordinator, ensuring that the program would stay on track and meet its goals.

For the 2005 school year, PEP funded two scholarships. The students, who were entering their initial year at Colegio 1270, were chosen because of their academic abilities and their desire to graduate and pursue higher studies.

Additional Students

Over the next few years, the PEP program grew tremendously. Between 2005 and 2007, the number of scholarship students increased to twelve. These were spread across the first three grade levels of Colegio 1270 (high school in Peru has five grade levels).

The program had proven to be a success and the scholarship students were viewed as role models within the school.

Math and Language Tutoring Classes

In 2008, two teachers at Colegio 1270 came forward with a recommendation to provide special Math and Language classes to supplement the regular school day. These classes would be offered to students during the morning before school started. The two teachers, Lic. Kelly Ospina (Math) and Lic. Delia Vivas (Language) agreed to donate their time to teach the classes.

They also requested that PEP add an additional twelve students from the school to attend the special tutoring along with the original twelve scholarship students. The dedication of Lic. Ospina and Lic. Vivas demonstrated that the school was fully committed to the goals and objectives of PEP. The value of the tutoring classes became evident when the tutored students placed fifth in a Lima-wide math competition against 30 other schools. In 2009, all 24 students attending the tutoring classes became PEP scholarship students.

New School Needed

Original school in Huaycán
Original school in Huaycán

Also in 2008, the PEP board decided to take on an additional project to help all the students of Huaycán. The school in Huaycán was made out of scraps of wood and plastic. There were no covered windows and no solid doors. The roof leaked when it rained. A school with proper walls, a roof, glass windows and a real door was desperately needed.

New school in Huaycán under construction
New school in Huaycán under construction

The design of the structure and oversight of the construction was donated by Dr. Wensjoe’s friends in Lima. In late 2008 the three classrooms were completed. In 2009, three additional classrooms were added, bringing the total number of rooms in the new building to six. On January 14, 2010, the school was dedicated in the honor and memory of Dr. Gustavo Wensjoe.

Program Expands to 30 Students
and First Graduates Prepare for University

Dr. Pierre Canac, Patricia Wensjoe, Delia Vivas, Kelly Ospina and Sheen Smith at the dedication of the new school.
Dr. Pierre Canac, Patricia Wensjoe, Delia Vivas, Kelly Ospina and Sheen Smith at the dedication of the new school.

At the beginning of 2010, PEP expanded again. The number of scholarship students increased to 30 with six students in each of the five grade levels. The 30 funded students represent over 10% of the secondary student population at Colegio 1270.
Additionally, PEP took on an additional role with the post-graduation support of three students.

In December 2009, the first scholarship students graduated from the school. These three students will be sponsored by PEP to attend a pre-university academy that will prepare them to do well on the Peruvian university entrance exam. When they enter university, they will be accomplishing something extraordinary: they will be the first students of Colegio 1270 – and the first members of their families - to enter university.

This is an achievement that will change their lives and the lives of their families forever.