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Our Mission

The mission of the Peruvian Educational Project is to provide assistance to Peruvian students of promising academic ability to enable them to obtain a secondary education.

Such education will enable the students to achieve their greatest potential so as to improve their lives and more fully contribute to the advancement of Peruvian society.

How We Use Your Donation

The Peruvian Educational Project (PEP) provides an opportunity for a select number of students (ages 12 to 17 years) to attend high school in the Huaycán district of Lima.

Your donation pays for the students’ school fees, uniforms, field trips, tuition, books and supplies as well as two meals a day, five days a week.


If you have questions regarding your donation, please contact us directly:

Phone: 713-525-3535

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In February 2013, the Peruvian Educational Project (PEP) Board of Directors announced our new strategy for assisting students from Huaycan in achieving academic and ultimately professional success. Since 2004, PEP has provided scholarships to students at Colegio 1270 Juan el Bautista which allow them to focus on their education. Four classes of PEP scholarship students have now graduated, and the four most capable of these students are continuing their education in professional and technical schools. PEP has continued to support these graduates and believes that when they complete their education and become professionally employed, they will be the role models envisioned by the program.

Sheen Smith, PEP President
Sheen Smith, President,
Peruvian Educational Project

Going forward, PEP’s mission will be to financially support the graduates that have continued their studies. Our support will include jointly funding their tuition, subsidizing their daily transportation and meals at school, and providing mentoring to assist their adjustment to a larger and broader social environment. The mentoring will also prepare them for future employment opportunities in their chosen professional fields. With this mission change PEP will now discontinue support of the students at Colegio 1270 Juan el Bautista.

Here is an update on each of our graduates on scholarship:

Greysi is the first PEP scholarship student to continue her education beyond the Colegio. Greysi is in her third year of studying nursing at the Universidad Alas Peruanas, and in two years she will graduate with her nursing degree. Greysi demonstrated the courage to venture beyond Huaycan and has created a path for others to follow.

Arnold followed Greysi’s courageous example and chose to pursue Computer Graphics Design at the Instituto Cibertec. Arnold is in the second year of his three-year program.

Nancy and Yoselin are the most recent graduates to meet the challenges of continuing their education. Both are studying Civil Engineering at the Universidad TELESUP. They are in the first year of their five -year program.

When these four scholarship students complete their degrees, they will become the first students from Colegio 1270 Juan el Bautista to enter the professional world. Their futures will be changed in unimaginable ways, and their accomplishments will provide encouragement and a path for others to follow. These students will become the roles models envisioned by Dr. Gustavo Wensjoe when he founded PEP. Our commitment to these brave young pioneers will remain until they complete their studies and become employed in their new professions.

Your support is the foundation of our program and is greatly appreciated. We look forward to your continued support of PEP as we help Greysi, Arnold, Nancy and Yoselin soon make their dreams of a successful education and path out of poverty a reality.

Pierre, Molly, José, Sheen, and Rex
Board of Directors